Getting Started: The Checklist

Using this Kit 

  • Facilitate activities in any order.
  • Check duration of each activity, competencies addressed and materials required listed on the right side of each activity page.
  • Click on Download button to use activity page offline.
  • Click on Heart icon to “favorite” an activity.

Leading the Activity

  • Review What – type of activity, Why – benefit of activity and How – to lead the activity before you start.
  • Read How  – for the instructions on how to lead the activity.
  • Invite students to sit in a circle to create a shared learning environment.
  • Introduce a talking piece (stick, stone, small ball, etc.) and explain its use to signal the beginning and end of each speaker’s turn.
  • Use the dialogue prompts to engage students in a structured discussion.
  • Encourage students to use “I” statements, speak from personal experience and to stay open to and respectful of their peers.
  • Ensure those who wish to remain silent are allowed to do so. Do not force anyone to share.

Leading a Focused Attention  Practice

  • Ground your students‘ attention to the present moment with the designated breathing practice in each activity.
  • Read accompanying script aloud in a slow, calm voice, pausing briefly between each step so students can connect to their inner experience, OR,
  • Play the guided practice.
  • Assure students that it’s natural for the mind to be distracted, and to feel nervous or even laugh. Ask them simply to bring their focus back to the breath and continue.