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Preview five activities for free by clicking on the sample lesson plans below. If  they resonate, then the Rethink Digital Kit is for you! One digital kit with over 100 engaging activities for educators interested in bolstering mental health and wellbeing in grades 7-12 students. Over the course of 5 units, students will develop non-cognitive, soft skills that lead to success in later life. They are challenged to reconsider previously held biases, broaden their horizons and make responsible choices.  The curriculum also looks inward with a focus on self-reflection and self-management. It provides students with ample opportunities to discover inherent qualities, become aware of and regulate emotions to handle stress, navigate daily challenges and gain a more compassionate understanding of the world that surrounds them.

Unit 1  Mindful Moments:
Focused Attention Practices

Unit 2  Speak Up, Speak Out:
Classroom Conversations

Unit 3  Stories That Matter:
Video Clips

Unit 4  Into Action:
Creative Activities

Unit 5  Global Mindset:
Whole School Activities