5.1 Me To We Activities

Crumple Away Your Cares, Monday


Increasing our understanding of stress and of which triggers lead to an emotional episode can have a direct link to how we constructively manage them.

Core Competencies 

Post-it note or scrap paper

5 minutes


An activity helping participants identify and manage the challenges in their daily lives.


Everyone is affected by stress and at one time or another it can feel very overwhelming. With the right tools, we can learn to manage stress before it impacts our health.


Make sure each participant has something to write on. Five minutes before ending your class or session, ask the participants to think about the things in their lives that are currently stressing them out. Have them write a word or phrase describing these things on a scrap piece of paper or post-it note. Once the participants are done writing, take five mindful breaths as a group. As they leave the room, instruct participants to rip, crumple, tear up and trash their papers (and their stress) and to think of one positive emotion to counteract the anxiety they feel.


Stop each participant at the door and have him or her set an intention to help deal with their stress as they transition to their next activity.