1.5 Mindful Moments

Body Scan


When we nurture and respect our bodies, they teach us important things about ourselves.

Core Competencies 
Self Awareness

Talking piece -– a stone or ornament to signal the speaker

15 minutes



An opportunity to tune-in to the physical sensations of one’s body in the moment and simply take note of how it feels.


Attention to our physical sensations allows us to befriend and better understand our emotional experience. A body scan can help reveal places that most need our attention and healing. With careful and compassionate attention, we can be present to the physical pains or tensions, accepting all that arises with a growth mindset.


  1. Invite your group to find a place in the room where they can comfortably sit or lay down.
  2. Lead the practice or play the recording:
  3. Once the activity has concluded, take a brief pause, and then engage the group in a dialogue about their experience. Use the prompt below as a jumping off point.


  • What sensations did you experience in the body?


  • Begin lying down on your back, or seated upright with arms relaxed by your side or on your lap.
  • Take a moment to settle into your body, closing your eyes or softening your gaze downwards.
  • Bring your attention to the flow of your breath
  • Notice each breath coming into the body as you inhale and leaving the body as you exhale.
  • With each out-breath, allow the body to relax
  • No sensation is right or wrong; the intention is to simply open your awareness to how your entire body feels.
  • At the end of your next out-breath, bring your attention to focus on the back and the top of your head.
  • Simply notice what sensations arise, and remain open to the experience
  • If you get distracted by other thoughts, emotions or body sensations, simply and as kindly as you can, redirect your attention back to the back and top of your head.
  • Now, bring your attention to focus on your face – from forehead to chin and from ear to ear. Allow all the facial muscles to soften.
  • At the end of your next out-breath, shift your attention to focus on the length of your arms – from your shoulders right down to your wrists
  • Bring your attention to your hands – the palms of your hands, the back of your hands, the fingers and nails. Notice the sensation of touch between the hand and the surface where it is resting. Allow your arms to relax
  • Place your attention in the area of your torso – from the chest all the way down to the hips.
  • Notice the rising and falling of the chest and belly as you breathe in and out.
  • At the end of your next out-breath, bring your awareness to focus on the length of your legs – from the hips all the way down to the ankles. Allow your legs to relax.
  • Bring your attention to your feet – include the soles of the feet, the tops of the feet, the toes and nails. Allow your feet to relax.
  • Continue to pay attention to your breath for a few moments, allowing your whole body to relax.
  • When you are ready, slowly bring your attention back to your surroundings and pay attention to how your body feels.

Leading Body Scan


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