Stories That Matter
 Video Clips

The videos in this unit are intended to stimulate conversations that address real world issues and engage relevant social-emotional competencies. Each video discussion begins with the acknowledgement that everyone comes to the conversation with their own preconceived notions, experiences, challenges and learning styles. It is important to stress the importance of respect despite differences, as well as to communicate that all perspectives are valued equally.


As you begin facilitation, you may notice that while some have no trouble engaging, others are more introverted, and prefer to listen deeply and/or process information in a more solitary manner. No one should ever be forced to speak, however when they do, assure that they use ‘I’ statements when sharing. Speaking from a first person perspective creates an air of accountability and leads to more authentic and substantial contributions.

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3.1 – Self Discovery on a Single Breath

rethink: present moment awareness


rethink: homelessness

3.3 – How Mindfulness Empowers Us

rethink: impulsive reactions


rethink: appreciation of diversity

3.5 – Always Like a Girl

rethink: gender norms

3.6 – #NotTheSame

rethink: kindness

3.7 – Dear Future Generation

rethink: making a difference

3.8 – Why Mindfulness?

rethink: what makes you present

3.10 – SHAKESPEARE saved my life

rethink: fostering empathy

3.9 – Jay Z on Gratitude

rethink: facing obstacles